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Plausible Analytics: Open-source tool for Web Analytics

Plausible is a free and open source web analytics platform.

It is lightweight (< 1KB) and comes with very easy installation steps.

In addition, this analytics software provides valuable statistics about users and helps website owners understand and improve the experience (UX) of website visitors.

Plausible Analytics

A plus point of this business intelligence reporting tool is that it does not use cookies and is fully compliant with general data protection laws (LGPD). There is no personal data collection and cross-site tracking.

Plausible Analytics vs Google Analytics

It provides an installation script that is 45 times smaller in weight than the Google Analytics installation script. Therefore, it increases website speed and reduces page load time. Therefore, Plausible Analytics is an alternative to Google Analytics.

It offers a hosted service and a version that can be self-hosted on a server. Plausible works in the same way as Google Analytics, you add a JavaScript snippet to the website and when the user opens the page, that code sends a request to the Plausible server.

This means that the Plausible tracker can also be blocked by adblockers, but since Plausible can be self-hosted and JavaScript code can be served on the same domain as the website, an ad blocker is less likely to detect the code.

About Plausible Analytics features

This Google Analytics alternative tool allows you to analyze traffic with the help of UTM parameters. In fact, you can track 404 pages, bounce rate, trends, and custom events just in the UI. Furthermore, the user interface of this free tool is highly simple and easy to navigate. Above all, your site stats are private by default, but you can share them with anyone by generating a URL of these stats. Also, you can protect it with a password for added security.

After that, this self-hosted business intelligence and data analysis software is written in Elixir, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. In addition, all deployment and development documentation is available in this business intelligence reporting tool.


  • simplified metrics
  • Light script (less than 1KB)
  • Focus on visitor privacy
  • open code


  • No custom reports
  • It involves a certain cost to maintain

Why is Web Analytics Important?

According to the document entitled “Web Analytics – Defining the Term”, web analytics is a set of techniques used to measure the activity of a website and analyze the data collected in order to improve the user experience and, consequently, the results. of business. That is, it is a process by which it is possible to evaluate the statistics of a page on the internet in order to identify the best ways to increase traffic and, consequently, sales.

What is web analytics for?

To answer this question, let’s take an example: imagine that a company decides to create a website to sell its products. After creating the site, it is necessary to measure its activity to find out if the strategies adopted are generating the expected results. For this, web analytics is used. That is, it is through it that it is possible to analyze the origin of the traffic, the time that users remain on the site, which page was the most visited, among other data.

This information is important for the company to make strategic decisions, such as, for example, changing the website’s homepage, modifying the structure of internal links, or even developing new marketing campaigns.

How it works?

The data collection process is carried out through tools called “tags”. These tags are installed in the site’s files and serve to track users’ activity. The collected data is stored in a database and analyzed to identify patterns and trends.

Importance of web analytics

Web analytics is extremely important for companies as it allows them to make evidence-based decisions. That is, it allows the entrepreneur to assess what is working and what is not, in order to direct their efforts to increase sales and improve business results.

However, for web analytics to be effective, it is necessary that the information collected is analyzed correctly. Too often, companies focus on superficial statistics without looking at the whole context. Therefore, it is important that the entrepreneur has the support of a web analytics specialist, who will analyze the data in order to identify the best strategies to be adopted.


Web analytics is a process by which it is possible to evaluate the activity of a website on the internet. It is important for companies as it allows them to make strategic decisions based on evidence. For web analytics to be effective, the information collected must be analyzed correctly. In this, Plausible Analytics is a great analysis tool, because of its ease of use and user-friendly interface. However, if your analysis needs to be more detailed and thorough, Google Analytics remains the best option.

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